Does anyone even know what the hell the guy in North Korea wants. The nutter is promising gifts to America….except he means nuclear weapons….why …..fuck knows. Even at the U.N. the ambassador from North Korea didnt know what his leader wants, he just kept going on about the gifts for America. Its bad form when even China tells you to get a grip, which the Chinese government basically said to North Korea…… when a bunch of wackos like china are telling you that you are being a tool …. well you need to ask yourself a few questions. But North Korea are just a bunch of fuck Muppets and have moved nuclear weapons to the coast with the DMZ. What people forget is that America and North Korea are offically still at war, there was no winner in the Korean war and it basically stopped roughly where it started and peace talks broke down and america said ” look you fuck off back north and we ll stay in the south” and North Korea said ” alright fuck it …… but we re still at war ….ya?” And thats how it stayed. I dont know how its going to pan out in North Korea but its the only country on earth that i can think of that  it would be an improvement if you nuked it….. its that big a shithole. Lets hope peace prevails because its the innocent who will suffer for this wacko….i mean he ll be tucked up in a bunker and  the ordinary dude is going to get a glow in the dark paint job.

Why or how did Beyonce become so important. For her birthday a bunch of losers recreated photos she has done over the years…..one of these losers….the dude Michelle Obama. Nothing spells desperate for attention than a former first lady paying tribute to a celebrity…..it should be the other way round. Last week Michelle Obama was caught playing with her dick ( i shit you not ….. shes hung like a horse or else its a very big wallet) and her husband has said its time for him to speak out. Look dude nobody gave shit what you said for 8 years when you were President so what the fuck makes you think anyone wants to hear from you now…… can you not just fuck off with some dignity???? I hope if he does say anything its to condemn ANTIFA…. but he wont. It ll be just more of ” how great am i” shit.

Satanists in the Philippines are giving out cursed rosary beads to people according to the chief exocist  in Philippines  ( how do you get that job? What do you put on you’re cv) …. why are the Satanists giving out cursed rosary beads, fuck knows… but you gotta laugh at the irony, Satanists going around with big bags of rosary beads. Satanism is real but i think this is just a bunch of gimps getting together and having group sex with dogs and stuff. You gotta love the dumbass Satanists  ( not the real ones….the goth toolbox ones) they stick things up they re ass and think thats religion…..ah if a religion calls for you to do anything with youre ass ….. you need to have a chat with yourself. So if you see an Asian dude handing out  rosary beads ….just think where they been before you touch em.

There was some tv award thing on last night in the U.K. but i cant comment on it because i have no idea who any of the people are. Aren’t people ment to know who you are when you walk the red carpet. All i can say is that katie price stayed classy as ever by getting plastered drunk going up on stage at the after party and saying some guy had a tiny willy….. and she would be a good judge. Classy katie also flashed her ditties again or something to do with her boobs anyway…..ah who cares the world has her boobs so many times that its a none event now. Another thing i ve noticed is all these semi zed list celebrities getting knocked up and then telling the world ” im pregnant “….. if you re only way to get known is to pregnant well youre a sad stupid bitch because it takes no talent to just spread youre legs….. sorry i wont apologise for that, i have no respect for women who deliberately  get pregnant for gain. You ruin a guys life, you re own life and that of the child that you are using as a pawn for whatever reason. A child is no to just get you Facebook likes…you fucking skanks!!!

Answers on a postcard if you can identify any of those people

So until tomorrow guys and gals…… way to go wayne Rooney..  

Love you all guys and gals 

Heres the sexy queen ……. Jenna Coleman

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