Dear god have mercy…..cher has offered to put up “Dreamers” in her own house. “Dreamers” are people who came to America as kids and are now seeking citizenship but to be honest if it comes to a choice of living with cher or going back to a warzone ….. fuck it book my flight. President TRUMP  has announced that the ” dreamers” will be looked into and if they fulfil the lawful citizenship laws i say more power to them. These dreamers are the future and i hope that they get educated and citizenship but if youre father , uncles, brothers and friends are all in ISIS …..well i dont think youre application will go too well. But moving in with cher ….. even her family hate her and what that fuck would she make you do for her….. i know if it was me and i had to move in with cher id lock myself in the room 24/7 ….. what are you going to do if you are asleep and suddenly you wake up with an auld one like cher beside you and she wants the jump…id puke on her. Cher hasent said which one of her houses she ll put these Dreamers up in …so they might get lucky and not have to meet her. I wish these Dreamers well and hope cher doesnt get her hands on them.

In Ohio a deputy shot a news photographer because he thought that the camera and tripod was a weapon. I cant work this one out because the news photographer was setup at a traffic stop which was busy so what the fuck did the deputy think he was setting up ….. a 50 cal machine gun or a rocket launcher….i have no idea. This is where the ANTIFA mentality is seeping into the everyday people ….everyone wants to be the person to stop an attack or be a hero but this leads to shoot first policies in peoples minds. This guy is ment to be trained in law enforcement…..the deputy in question is either thick stupid or just wanted to be a hero….but no hero needed so he made up the situation. The news reporter is going to recover and it ll be white washed over. As per usual.

Ah why is kim Kardashian naked in a tree? She posed for a photo shoot for a book ( does she even know what a book is ?) in just a pair of boots naked in a tree. Why the fuck would you climb a tree naked….. why would you stay naked in the tree ….and generally what the fuck are doing naked in a tree!!! Its not that we aint all seen kimmy naked before ….. but a tree up her ass this time…fuck knows. Its hard to believe that “keeping up with the Kardashians” is on tv 10 years!!! Kim Kardashian never stops to amaze me she is so fucking stupid and is famous for fucking people. The last time i heard of someone naked in a tree was a weirdo who was pissed drunk and was sitting naked in a tree that crossed over a road and when some dude passed under him on a honda 50 he jumped out of the tree and pulled the dude off the honda 50 …. stole it and drove off laughing. Now picture kim Kardashian jumping naked out of a tree on you….. thats scary. Oh shes knocked up again too ( check out yesterdays blog for mu view on that)

There is a scary thought that just hit me about North Korean nuclear tests….. the fallout!!! China today have highlighted that they may have to evacuate regions because of the nuclear tests. Lets face it the north Korean leader suffers from small penis syndrome and doesnt give a fuck about people and the effects of nuclear fallout. Just take a look a french Polynesia where the french did they re nuclear testing….. the inhabitants of the islands suffer from birth defects and cancer to this day so the war in asia may not even involve America because if you think about it china and russia have more to lose with this nutter testing nuclear weapons….if prevailing winds blow the fallout across asia it will be an Asian war fought by asia and Europeans…..what you think fallout doesnt spread think again.

What is it with fucking Satanists at the moment. The head exocist in italy ( an 80 year old priest) is doing mass exorcisms and stuff to get rid of demons. A documentary for Italian television has been made on him and gives an open view of weather these people are mad or really do have a demon in them…..some of the footage is fucking scary, one woman in particular scared the shit out of me. Are these people mentally ill….. i dont know but i do know that it only takes one not to be a nutter and it to be real for it to scare me.

Katies holmes is now dating jamie fox ….. seriously…it turns out he is not gay, just colourful i guess. I couldn’t really give a fuck about either of them but did you know Tom Cruise put a 5 year dating ban on Katie Holmes in the devorice agreement. What a fucking wacko!!! When she was giving birth to his kids if she screamed out, the scientology crowd had to shoot her or something ( well maybe not shoot her but it was nothing nice anyway). So good old Jaime fox is not gay and most certainly did not ride the arse off Ed sheeran when ed slept on his couch…..never happened….

So until tomorrow guys and gals… demons be driven….

Love you all guys and gals 

Heres Katie Holmes 

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