I wish we had stricter immigrations laws here in the Rep. of Ireland….. not to keep out refugees or asylum seekers or decent people just keep the Beckham family out. Oh and depot Vouge Williams……anywhere. But we dont so we had to put up with Brooklyn Beckham and his girlfirend Chloe Metez in dublin over the weekend. She was here filming new work from neil jordon ( many an irish man’s youth is scared from “the crying game”  ( if you dont know why its like Vietnam ” you were nt there man”) and Brooklyn Beckham turned up to see her. I hate this kinda relationship bollox played out over the media…. ” i ll meet you in Dublin oh where are you ….. Sydney…. oh right just jump on a flight” then they see each other for 2 pumps and an appoligy sex because they are both too wrecked from traveling to fuck properly . But those selfies and Instagram photos wont take themselves. This just another money flashing thing, I mean I would nt jump on a plane to have pint with a girl in another country…… maybe thats why im happily single….

I dont care what youre politics are or you re veiws of if you re from fucking Mars…. when a countries natoional anthem is being played you fucking stand… especially if its you re own… its called tespect. Vice president Mike Pence walked out of an NFL game between his home state of Indianapolis ( colts) and the San Francisco  49ers after  the 49ers took a knee during the anthem. The player who started it all said later in a tweet that if given another chance he would stand. Dear players of the NFL if you dont like America, then give up you re contracts and fuck off to the south pole where there is no fucking flag and there is nothing for you stupid ass fucks to get upset over. This a shocking petty way to protest and lets look at what they re protesting….. troops on foreign soil but yet will be the first people to want those troops to invade a country if America attacked….gun control, bet most of them have bodyguards with gums….fuck knows what these guys are protesting. Miami Dolphins owner has said any player who wont stand wont play and most teams are following suit and rightly so. VICE PRESIDENT PENCE  was right to walk out on this shameful act. Most of the players involved are nobodies and this is they re 15 min…..but the nfl can only take so much loses and the leftie trendie scum only have so much money. Money will be the breaker of this, players will stand if they re pockets empty.

In Isreal police are arresting people in scary ass clown costumes and masks because they are going around trying to scare people with fake knives and axes and stuff. Really what the police are doing is trying to protect the idiots because if you scare a person in a country where everyone has a gun and live in fear of terrorist attacks well you are going to get shot. Why would you dress up as a clown anyway its usually only child molesters and weirdos who do that…. oh wait i answered my own question there. Well if you are confronted by a freaky ass clown in isreal you are ment to run away and call the police or our advice here at 187 is….. ah dont chance is aim high…

People are trying to get me to say what side i stand for about the situation in spain and i wont answer simply put i ve friends on both sides and i ve studied history. The last time that war broke out in spain it was a mini world world that lead to world war two. The breaking up of a country is never easy or good ….. look at the Balkan wars of the 90s. There is 187 people on both sides so im on the side of peace …. whatever keeps the peace is where i stand…. i would rather live next to men than kill them.

We all know that Hollywood works on sex, sex sells and sex gets jobs. If you re nieve enough to think that all you’re favourite celebrities got where they are today without at some stage in they re carreer being faced with a sex issue then im glad for you and rainbow world full of unicorns you live in. But in the real world girls use they re bodies to get ahead in Hollywood as do the men. But with studios keeping quiet on the latest sexual harassment law suits it looks like this sexual exploitation will just go under ground and that will make it tens times worse. There is a chance at the moment for Hollywood to clean house of the perverts and weirdos but it wont….. it will just quitely replace the sickos and let them continue they re sick twisted sexual harassment in private. The wide eyed dreamers that go to Hollywood each day scare me ….. why ….. well let me put it this way to you, the arrival and departure terminals at LAX are kept about 2 miles apart….why….well because ten thousand people come to Los Angeles every day with dreams in they re eyes of being rich and famous…. but also ten thousand people leave Los Angeles everyday beaten and chewed up by the world of entertainment as they found out what it was really about and you cant have the new dreamers seeing the broken people now can you. Its the city of sex lies and video tapes…..but we all want it dont we.

Gal Galot kissed some other woman from Saturday night live and the world is gone wild over two women kissing. So what, its just two women kissing , I mean have you guys not had a threesome with two girls or just met a couple of lesbians? Girls on a saturday night will pretend to be lesbians just to turn guys on, so seeing wonder woman kiss another woman is no big deal for me. Wait what am i saying as im on my way to the shop to buy a wonder woman costume because i just got a call from two girls i know….. what can i say im Porta Gregor…. thank you Gal Galot… im going to screw with my boots on.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…… dont fear the reaper…..

Love you all guys and gals 

Heres the stunningly beautiful  goddess……. Jodie Tuner – Smith

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