” now everythings ruined” : OBAMACARE 

Obamacare….. Obamacare…… Obamacare….its all you hear in America and what happens in America is the model for the world, but thing is …. obamacare is fucking shit. First of all the worthless bastard said you could keep you re doctor …. wrong, so basically you get  a doctor but the doctor could be a 100 miles away….in other words you ll be dead by the time you see the doc. So you re fucked.

But what if you ve private care already…. well Obama came up with a solution to that too….fine you re ass $5k if you dont pay for obamacare even if you dont need it plus you ll still have to pay you’re private healthcare so you re double fucked.  So why are the senate trying to keep obamacare alive….simple …money.

Why am i so ranty about a healthcare system in America, well because i see it happening here in the Rep.of Ireland. Slowly but surely we are moving towards the privatisation of healthcare and those who cant afford it …. well fuck em seems to be the moto. This wont effect you until it effects you, doctors hands being tied by pencil pushing idiots who only see a bottom line.  So you go out and pay for private health insurance  but unfortunately you re fucked there too as there is  levels of healthcare so what are the chances that when you need help you suddenly fine you forgot to ” dot the I ” or “cross the t” and some miserable bastard in a cheap suit that crawls all over him like lice tells you that the money you ve be paying for 10 year aint worth shit and you have to become a public sector patient….great 5 years backlogs so you ll be dead by the time you get help.

This is the legacy of Obama. This is how he will be remembered and i hope that history refecks the mess he and that auld witch Hillary made of the world. $200 k to get Hillary’s email….$400k for her phone number…. $700k to meet the bitch all while she was secretary of state…. $1m to meet Obama…..all of which is illegal by the way. So they fuck you with healthcare, fuck you with meetings, wild Willy BILL has raped anything that alive ( and being alive aint a requirement) everyone making money , everyone happy…..except the ordinary guy who has to fit the fucking bill ….. namely you!!!

So why the hatred of President TRUMP. Simple he is changing the system to make the average person have more desposible income which means there is more money to spend within the American economy. More money in the economy means better quility of life thus world wide American dollars once more build the economics of world countries….. its that simple. But the Obama and Hillary’s of this world dont like that because there will be a whole new class of people….upper milldle class…. in other words people who are now able to afford two cars, a bigger house and all that comes with it. It also means places in better schools can go to those who deserve it and not just because you re rich…..parents can afford a better education for they re kids….. can you picture Chelsea clintons kids next to you res in school and she liking it.

This might be a rant on shity spending but i will say this…. in 2001 the Pentagon couldn’t account for $3 trillion dollars and an investigation was put in place….a few weeks later 9/11 happened and when the Pentagon was hit, it just so happened that part of the building hit was were the financial records were stored in both hard form and server form so no records to investigate. One problem…..try finding a plane in the footage after the explosion cause i cant. So ask yourself if the “elite” will go to these lengths…. obamacare is just the tip of how they fucking you.

” from my usage of the drug i found it modified my personality, i felt superiority …… i felt like a CRACK HITLER”

So until tomorrow guys and gals ….. fuck Obama…… fuck Hillary….. but most of all fuck obamacare …

Love you all guys and gals….

Heres the uber sexy goddess…..Michelle Trachtenberg…..

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